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Dr. Thomas Neil Pascual is DOST-PNRI’s first S&T Fellow. His engagement is expected to level up nuclear medicine in the country, particularly in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, and radiopharmaceutical production.

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DOST-PNRI Director Dr. Carlo Arcilla (left) and Ms. Adelina Bulos (right), who manages PNRI’s radiopharmaceutical laboratories, welcome Dr. Thomas Neil Pascual, S&T Fellow III.

Dr. Thomas Neil Pascual named S&T Fellow for PH nuclear agency

Dr. Thomas Neil B. Pascual was recently appointed Science and Technology Fellow III for the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI). The DOST Science and Technology (S&T) Fellows Program aims to increase and strengthen the human resource complement of the DOST R&D Group.

As S&T Fellow, Dr. Pascual will serve as technical adviser and research coordinator, providing high level expertise and advice to researchers. He will also develop and implement projects aimed at applying quality management in nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging practices.

Further, Dr. Pascual will provide assistance in proposing, planning, managing, and implementing projects associated with nuclear medicine facilities, and in implementing nuclear medicine education projects and activities. He is also expected to conduct research and development in nuclear science and technology, particularly in nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical development. Moreover, he will also train new researchers and educators in the field of nuclear medicine and technology.

“With the Nuclear Medicine Research Agenda in place, my role as Science and Technology Fellow III will focus on identifying local and international research collaboration on nuclear medicine, particularly in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine as well as radiopharmaceutical production,” Dr. Pascual said. “In addition, providing technical advice that informs relevant stakeholders and health policy on high quality nuclear medicine practice will be given priority.”

Dr. Pascual’s engagement as S&T Fellow III assigned at DOST-PNRI will run five years. His initial engagement is October 15-December 2021, subject to yearly renewal until 2026. DOST-PNRI as host agency will, among others, undertake activities that will support the professional growth and development of Dr. Pascual as S&T Fellow.

Dr. Pascual has previously worked with DOST-PNRI as Balik Scientist (Returning Scientist). Prior to his Balik Scientist stint, he was Nuclear Medicine Physician/ Technical Officer at the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, Section of Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging at the International Atomic Energy Agency. (Framelia V. Anonas, DOST-PNRI | Photos by Michelle B. Arispe)