Maintaining ISO 17025:2005 accreditation by PAB: PAO for select radioactivity analyses, Click here to view the Certificate and Scope of Accreditation.

The Nuclear Analytical Techniques Application (NATA) Section provides analytical services for radioactivity measurements and elemental determinations. It has been serving the food and other industries in the country since the 70`s. To meet the growing demand for analytical services, it also undertakes research and development on nuclear and nuclear-related as well as isotopic analytical techniques for various applications.

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Procedure for sample submission and receiving:

  1. Submit sample to the Nuclear Analytical Techniques Application (NATA) staff at NATA receiving area at the ground floor, Atomic Research Center building, Room 116 (temporarily located at 2nd Floor NART building)
  2. Secure and fill up job order form with assistance of NATA personnel
  3. The authorized NATA staff will fill up and provide  NATA Statement of Charges and to acquire an Order of Payment.
  4. Proceed to the Cashier Section, 2nd floor, Nuclear Administration, Regulations and Training (NART) building) to present the Statement of Charges and to acquire an Order of Payment, and pay for issuance of an official receipt.
  5. Return to NATA Section to present the official receipt. The authorized NATA staff will record the official receipt number.

As per PNRI policy:

Analysis will be performed only after completion of payment”.
  • To download application forms for radiometric and chemical analysis, click Download Forms.
  • For  fees and charges, click  Fees and Charges
  • For more information, please contact:

Nuclear Analytical Technique Applications  (NATA)  Section

Nuclear Services Division

Tel: (+632)  929-6011 to 19 local 276 or 281