The Nuclear Science and Technology Education Program (nSTEp+) for K-12 Teachers and Students aims to support, strengthen and sustain nuclear science and technology education in the Philippines by providing opportunities to promote the peaceful uses and applications of nuclear science and technology and enrich teachers and students’ knowledge, skills and experiences in science. It is envisioned that through this program, more students will be enthused to take a career in STEM if not in nuclear science/engineering and public understanding of nuclear science and technology will be increased.

The program includes the following activities

  1. Scientist – Teacher Partnerships for Science Investigatory Projects or Researches
  2. Development of Teaching/Learning Resource Materials for NST
  3. Teacher Training in NST
  4. Internship of K-12 students
  5. Other outreach programs/activities for K-12 Teachers and Students



A. Classroom Kits

Need materials to carry out a nuclear science and technology activity in your classroom? The PNRI can lend them to you! Click here for more information.


B. Education Resource Materials

Explore our free digital educational resources designed to help you explain a range of important concepts in nuclear science and technology!


C. Request References for Research

Need research articles, books or other resources for your research? Our library might be of help! Request it here.


D. Videos

Visit and subsribe to the PNRI youtube channel. Checkout the videos here.





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For Inquiries

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