*This is to notify the public that due to unforeseen circumstances which caused delay in the scheduled upgrade of theMultipurpose Irradiation Facility (MIF), the resumption of operation of the irradiation facilityis tentatively scheduled on the 1st quarter of 2022.  Please be guided accordingly.

PNRI operates the following irradiation facilities: the Cobalt-60 Multipurpose Irradiation Facility (MIF), the Gammacell-220 and the Electron Beam Irradiation Facility (EBIF). PNRI extends the use of these facilities to various clients for food irradiation, medical products sterilization and for research purposes.

Gamma radiation coming from the cobalt-60 source in this facility  can kill or prevent the multiplication of microorganisms in food, medical products, cosmetic raw materials and packaging. Radiation can delay sprouting of bulbs like onions and garlic or the ripening of fruits or reduce infestation of stored agricultural products. It also increases the incidence of genetic changes in plants, accelerating the development of useful mutants.

These useful effects can be achieved by exposing the materials /products to a calculated dose of gamma radiation inside the well- shielded Multipurpose Irradiation Facility (for bulk irradiation) or in the Gammacell-220  (for small volume of samples).

Before routine exposure of materials/products to be irradiated, tests are first made to determine the suitability of the materials to gamma radiation and to ascertain the appropriate radiation dose depending on the purpose of irradiation , i.e. for sterilization, reduction of microbial load or decontamination, induction of mutations or changes in the chemical/physical properties of the material.
Products that have been Irradiated in the Multipurpose Irradiation  Facility
A. Medical Products
Name of Product Purpose of Irradiation
1. Orthopedic implants Sterilization  
2. Bone grafts  Sterilization
3.  Surgical gloves  Sterilization
4.  Hydrogel,  honey alginate and amnions wound dressing  Sterilization
5. Empty aluminum tubes  Sterilization
6. Empty eye dropper bottles  Sterilization  
7. Sutures Sterilization  
8. Surgical kits Sterilization  
9. Empty gelatin capsules Sterilization  
B. Food/Agricultural Products
Name of Product    Purpose of Irradiation
1. Spices, dehydrated vegetables and herbal products  Reduction of microbial load
2. Fresh fruits (mangoes, papayas)  Insect disinfestation
3. Grains (rice, corn, mungbean) Insect disinfestation  
4. Bulbs (onions, garlic) Sprout inhibition
C. Other Products
Name of Product Purpose of Irradiation 
1. Polyethylene bags Sterilization
2.  Cosmetic raw materials and accessories   Reduction of microbial load
3.  Seaweed flour Reduction of microbial load 
4. Animal feeds Reduction of microbial load
5. Plant food supplement Degradation
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No. Service Irradiation Facility Prescribed Fee Remarks
1. Gamma Irradiation Gammacell-220



Per load-hr

Per additional hour or fraction thereof
2. Gamma Irradiation   
  a. Dose  <0.1 kGy Multipurpose Irradiation Facility (MIF) 2,500.00
Per load*
Minimum charge per load**
  b. Dose  0.1 to  <1 kGy MIF 3,500.00
Per load*
Minimum charge per load**
  c. Dose 1 kGy to 3 kGy MIF 10,000.00
Per load*
Minimum charge per load**
  d. Dose   >3 kGy to 6 kGy MIF 15,000.00
Per load*
Minimum charge per load**
  e. Dose  >6 kGy to <25 kGy MIF 20,000.00
Per load*
Minimum charge per load**
  f.  Dose 25 kGy MIF 25,000.00
Per load*
Minimum charge per load**
  g. Dose Validation/Test Irradiation MIF 3,000.00
Per set of 3 doses
Per additional dose
  h. Dose mapping and other samples for R&D MIF 5,000.00 Per product load
*1 load = 14 tote boxes (size of tote box: 70 cm L x 50 cm W x 90 cm H)
**min. charge: half-load or less

As the next step in PNRI’s use of irradiation technologies, the 2.5 MeV electron beam (EB) facility is the first of its kind in the country  intended for full-scale research and development and semi-commercial EB services.

The newly established EB facility opens more applications of radiation such as improving the quality of semiconductors, automobile parts/tires, O-rings, wires and cables and production of nanomaterials, among others. This can also be used in radiation sterilization of medical devices,  food irradiation, radiation crosslinking, degradation or grafting of polymers and for surface curing.

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  • For more information, please contact:

Irradiation Services Section

Nuclear Services Division

Trunkline: (+632) 929-6011 to 19 local  243

Telefax: (+632) 920-8789

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.