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On training slots, payment of fees

1.  Can I reserve a slot for the training?

No. We strictly follow the first come, first serve rule. Interested applicants must apply through the Online Course Application Portal. We do not accept reservations over the phone and through emails.

2. How will I know if my training slot is guaranteed?

Training slots are only guaranteed once paid. Make sure to pay the training fee before the given due date.

3.  What will happen if I don't pay before the due date?

Unpaid slots will be opened automatically to other applicants without notice.

4.  Can the training fee be refunded if I cannot attend the training?

Yes, but the process will take at least 6 months to complete.

5.  Is the training fee transferable?

Yes, the training fee is transferable ONLY for the participation of another person who:

(a) is in the same company as the original participant,

(b) applied for the same course as the original participant, and

(c) has a profile that matches the requirement for the training course.

6.  Can I use the training fee for another training course? No.

7.  Can I use the training fee on another date for the same training course?

If you missed the training course due to an illness or other unforeseen events beyond your control, you could use the paid training fee for another date of the same training course.

8.  Is there a discount for students and persons with disability (PWD)? No, there is none.


On course application, schedule, credits, training access, others

1. I want to apply for a training course but I don't see it in the online course application portal list. 

Here are two reasons:

(a) the training course is not yet open for registration, or

(b) it is already closed because the maximum number of applications has been met.


2.  I registered for a training course but didn't receive any notification if I was accepted or rejected.

ONLY applications that passed the review and evaluation will receive an acceptance to the course through email. We do not send email notifications for rejected applications.

3.  Why is my application rejected/not accepted?

Here are some possible reasons:

(a) your profile did not match the training requirements,

(b) you did not submit all the required training requirements,

(c) you did not submit the correct training requirements, and

(d) there are no slots anymore

 All Recommendation/Endorsement letters (to attend the training course) must be addressed to:

Mr. Roel A. Loteriña 

 Head, Nuclear Training Center

In some cases, the course coordinator will put your application in a pending status and send a message to ask you further questions regarding your application or inform you to register again and submit the correct requirements.

 4.  Can I cancel my application?

Yes, please notify us via over-the-phone or email address seen at the end of this page. 

 5.  Why is the course canceled?

The Nuclear Training Center reserves the right to cancel courses that do not meet the minimum number of ten (10) participants. When this happens, you will receive an email notification from the course coordinator. In most cases, the course is rescheduled until it reaches the minimum number of participants.

6.  Do you conduct training onsite/in-house?

Upon request of a government or private agency/institution/company or professional organization, the Nuclear Training Center conducts requested training onsite/in-house or via online or blended approaches subject to agreed terms and conditions, including payment of appropriate fees. 

7.  How do we request a training course onsite/in-house?

Send a formal letter of request (addressed to PNRI Director: Carlo A. Arcilla, Ph.D.) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the type of training course, number of participants, venue, and proposed schedules. All requests are subject to approval, and availability of course coordinators/lecturers, and will typically take about 1 month to complete (See PNRI Citizens Charter). 

8.  Can I earn continuing professional development (CPD) credit units from your training courses?

The PNRI Nuclear Training Center is an accredited CPD provider. However, not all of the training courses offered are CPD accredited as these are subject to the approval of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Get in touch with the course coordinating team to verify CPD credit units.

9.  How can we access the online training?

The course coordinator will send an email to all paid participants with further details of the course including the Zoom and Learning Management System (LMS) links or invitations at least 2 days before the start of the training.



Contact us at (02) 8929-6011 up to 19 local 236 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday to Thursday. You can also send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.