Ionizing radiation is now widely used in our country in various fields of human endeavour. It is therefore necessary for PNRI to continuously provide radiation protection services to authorized users of radiation and radioactive materials in the country. The PNRI renders these services to ensure that the exposure of workers occupationally exposed to radiation and the public are measured and controlled.
Personnel Dosimetry
PNRI provides  whole body and extremity  personal dosimetry services to workers occupationally exposed to radiation to monitor and assess their individual doses in the workplace.  This is part  of the facility’s radiation protection program  to help ensure that the doses received by workers are within the safety  limits. The passive dosimetry systems  used for this service are the Thermoluminescence Dosimeters  (TLD)  and the Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeters (OSLD).
Calibration Services

The PNRI establishes the national standards for ionizing radiation through the Secondary Standards and Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL). The SSDL is operated to ensure that: (a) protection level reference radiation sources in the country are standardized and maintained, and (b) radiation instruments are calibrated to give correct and accurate indications of the levels of ionizing radiation.

In particular, the calibration services provided are: (1) calibration of radiation monitoring instruments such as survey meters, contamination meters and personal dosimeters, and (2) output calibration of nuclear equipment in medicine such as activity meters, brachytherapy and radiotherapy devices.
Radioactive Waste Management Services
The PNRI maintains and operates the national Radioactive Waste Management  Center to ensure proper disposal and/or storage of radioactive waste and spent or unused sealed sources. Radioactive waste management involves the collection, conditioning and treatment of radioactive wastes  for interim (temporary) storage.
Radiation Control Services
The PNRI also provides health physics support to authorized users of ionizing radiation to ensure that their facility complies with radiation safety standards. Leak testing of sealed sources and swipe sample analysis are provided to determine the presence of residual activity in nuclear devices. Workplace monitoring services are also provided to evaluate radiation hazards in an area while contamination monitoring services are provided to test the presence of residual radioactivity on surfaces such as metal plates and scraps.
Other Services
  1. Rental of  survey meter
  2. Temporary storage of radioactive materials
  3. Rental of moisture density gauge
  4. Tertiary response to  the PNRI Megaports  Initiative Project, and
  5. Support to the PNRI Emergency Response Program
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